Anthony David King works with ambitious people, organisations and social investors to develop innovative ventures that have a big impact on our society. Working with you to design business models, create partnerships, raise funding and scale across cities. Anthony King started out in the music industry in 2002, marketing global artists and brands like Beyonce and MTV to 20 million fans. And discovered how investment and development played a huge role in their success. So in 2011, after working with more than 100 schools, start-ups, government, funders and investor community Silicon Valley to develop new ventures, he launched Anthony David King to work with ambitious people, organisations and a group of social investors to develop innovative, inclusive venture models in education, the arts, music and tech that have a big impact on our society. This work now spans more than 200 ventures, 14 cities and engages millions of people every year.


Anthony David King has advised more than 40 innovative start-ups to design their business models and prepare for venture funding. A few were from Startup Weekend, the Seattle founded start-up incubator that brings together entrepreneurs, app developers and web designers to launch new tech start-ups over 54 hours. Anthony David King helped Startup Weekend launch the first education focused event in London, with Virgin and O2. And advised the start-up teams on how to design innovative. inclusive business models that scale and integrate well into education across Britain.


Anthony David King has helped develop more than 175 education ventures across 11 cities in England. Developing models and creating partnerships. Many as part of the government’s £2.6 billion extended schools investment programme. Impacting thousands of pupils and changing the way education works in our country today. And now works with government, national charities and think tanks to help develop and fund innovative, inclusive ventures in areas such as childcare and education tech that can scale across England.


Anthony David King co-creates innovative, inclusive arts ventures. One is Bound, the groundbreaking photographic exhibition the Guardian called “Incredible.” Bound tells the true story about Samona Naomi Williams, a British filmmaker whose life was transformed by a rare life-changing illness and physical disability. Addressing how society views people with a disability. Bound has exhibited at 8 renowned venues in London, featured at Saatchi Art and reached an estimated 450,000 people globally. And plans to exhibit in LA, New York and Paris from mid 2017.


Anthony David King works with innovative British music ventures that aim to break new ground internationally. Like AC Burrell, the London born, LA based multi-platinum music producer of the No. 1 hit Only Love Can Hurt Like This. Written by Diane Warren and performed by Paloma Faith, it has sold 1 million copies worldwide. Anthony David King is also the venture funding advisor for the new innovation arm of the British Phonographic Industry – the organisation behind the Brit Awards that represents the UK recorded music industry and labels around the world – to help partner music labels with innovative tech start-ups.

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